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Daimyo: a landlord in Edo period, Japan. Their rank depends of the size of their domain and of their economical importance. They usually possessed samurai and ninja

Edo period: Also called the period of the samurai by some, is a period during from 1603 to 1868. It is a period during which Japan is closed to the outside world. It began just after civil wars and ended with Meiji restoration and the reopening of Japan.

Kagema: a male prostitute having male clients

Kagemajaya: a teahouse specializing in male prostitutes

Kenjutsu: art of swordfighting

Kiku: means “chrysanthemum”

Kikunae: literally means “chrysanthemum plant”

Okama: refers to a gay man, can be in a pejorative way

Onee: an older, feminine gay man (means: older sister)

Onnagata: a male playing a female role in kabuki

Onnagirai: means misogyny, but was used to refer men who exclusively have homosexual relationships

Shogunate: the feudal lord of Japan in Edo period, also called Tokugawa shogunate, Tokugawa bakufu or Edo bakufu

Shudo: “way of the youth” is a homosexual relationship between a student and his samurai master, was held in high esteem by the warrior class

West Barbarians: designate the strangers coming from western countries. Was used by those despising strangers.

Yoshiro: literraly means “good son”