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February 23rd, 2010, 2:03 pm

Just so that you know...

Okay, so just that you know: I am not REALLY seeking for co-author, but if you would be interested in inking, I would be okay with it.
If you wanna do that, PM me, I will add you as a co-author and you will have these special rights (plus being a co-author! 8P):
-You will see the pages before everybody! YAY!
-You will be able to know the whole story plot! Double YAY!
-You will be able to... hmmm, request me? YAY? ^^;
-You will be able to tell me what you think about pages and cover pages before they get post.
-You won't have to ink the cover pages since I will do that myself. Except if you REALLY want to ink them.

AND as strange as I may be, I am not looking for a colorist. Because I don't want colors. Yeah, I'm weird like that.
Thanks for considering! 8D

Oh!And I would like to have samples of your inking, so just give me your links, please. and if you're on dA, just give me your username and I will find you easily.

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